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Pediatric Compound Amino Acid Injection (19AA-Ⅰ):


The drug is of complex preparation with every 1000ml containing the following ingredients:

Isoleucine(C6H13NO2     4.9g

Arginine phosphokinase (C6H14N4O2)      7.3g

Histidine (C6H9N3O2)       2.9g

Lysine Acetate (C6H14N2O2·C2H4O2)     4.9g

Serine (C3H7NO3)     2.3g

Alanine (C3H7NO2)     3.2g

Phenylalanine (C9H11NO2)     2.9g

Aspartic acid (C4H7NO4)     1.9g

Proline (C5H9NO2)      4.1g

Tryptophan (C11H12N2O2)     1.2g

Leucine (C6H13NO2)     8.4g

Glutamate (C5H9NO4)     3.0g

Cysteine (C3H7NO2S)0.2g

Methionine (C5H11NO2S)     2.0g

Threonine (C4H9NO3)     2.5g

Tyrosine (C9H11NO3)     1.4g

Valine (C5H11NO2)     4.7g

Glycine (C2H5NO2)     2.2g

Taurine (C2H7NO3S)     0.15g

Sodium hydrogen sulfite as auxiliaryThe total quantity of arginine60g/L;总氮量:9.3g/LElectrolytemmol/L):Na+5CH3COO56Cl3Ph value5.57.0Osmotic pressuremOsm/L):约525

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